A warm welcome to Inspire Special Needs Tutor Centre!

At Inspire Special Needs Tutor Centre in Cape Town praise and encouragement are the building blocks of our intervention in education, emotional and social development for all our learners, regardless of their special need or disability.

A child with special needs might often exhibit signs of intentional misbehaviour or a disrespectful attitude, or have a physical setback that prevents them from learning in a traditional manner. These attributes can lead to frustration, anger, tension and emotional outbursts from both you and your child, which is why it’s of utmost importance to remember that your child did not ask for these educational roadblocks; they are the product of unforeseen circumstance, and not the problem of the child themselves.

An uplifting attitude and positive encouragement goes a lot further in building a child’s confidence and self-esteem than does negative imposition and hurtful expressions, which is why it’s vital to a child’s well-being to have a system of praise and rewards in place for each step on the path of your childs’ educational success at Inspire Special Needs Tutor Centre.

Each child is an individual so we believe they need an individualised education. This is something we pride ourselves on as well as instilling confidence and unlocking their unique strengths and potential.

We believe in learning beyond the classroom and endeavour to support our learners with their academic, social, emotional and life skills.