Our Approach

Educational Implementations

Children learn best when incentives for learning in a tutoring environment to satisfy their own motives in ‘n positive motivational nature. Some of the needs children may bring to the classroom are the need to learn something in order to complete a particular task or activity, the need to seek new experiences, the need to perfect a skills, the need to overcome challenges, the need to feel competent, the need to succeed and do well, the need to feel involved and to interact with other children. Satisfying such needs is rewarding in itself.

At Inspire Special Needs Tutor Centre we focus on motivators and when our learners are able to complete projects and tasks that are within their capability they develop a sense of control and are more likely to take responsibility for their own achievement. Our staff at Inspire will scaffold assignments, making them increasing more difficult as the learner is ready, and allow enough time for students to complete the work, set the scene for success and systematically increase the learners’ internal motivation.

Rewarding for productivity instead of grades is of utmost importance. Their work emphasizes the fact that motivation is often learned through discovery activities and that success begets success. Our enthusiastic teachers are interested in their students and is more likely to motivate their students toward success. The learners’ engagement is another important component of motivation. Our teachers all have a sense of humour, is enthusiastic, creative and caring, will explain the material well and also have flexible instructional styles.

  • Making it fun– If there is one sure way to engage a child’s interest while positively reinforcing a behaviour or action, it’s through fun! When you take the aspect of learning being “work” out of the environment, you can help a child with special needs learn in a fun and engaging manner that doesn’t seem hard at all. We even have our fury friends that visit our Centre from all over Cape Town. No matter what constitutes fun for our children, there is a way to keep learning fresh and light.
  • Spending one-on-one time– Between tutoring routine, we at Inspire structure our day in such a way to include at least twenty minutes of personal educational time with your child, focusing on the areas that they feel incompetent in. Children are eager to have their world and experiences recognized by those they love, and personal attention from our tutors shows them a positive example of how to treat others. They will feel more confident about interacting with social groups, and build their self-esteem needed to succeed in life.