Dietary Intervention

We at Inspire Special Needs Tutor Centre have become aware that every learner is unique but some problems are common and dietary changes are sometimes the key to unlocking a learner’s potential.

The most common is the elimination of gluten and casein, but many of our learners react to sugar, carbohydrates, processed foods, certain types of fats, foods additives and dyes, pesticides and chemicals.

Another common problem is the lack of protein absorption, either because of a lack of enzyme production or other digestive issues. Since proteins must be broken down into amino acids which then become the building blocks for neurotransmitters, this deficiency can have a great impact on the brain.

Our learners brain, like any other organ in our body, is affected better or worse by what we eat. If your child is a junk food addict, his brain is the first thing that will be affected.

Seeing similarly impressive results in our ten years of experience with nutrition we have been teaching parents how to be “nutrition detectives” – tracking down food offenders that are provoking problems and determining the foods the brain is craving.

What is next?

The most and important initial action, no matter what diet a parent chooses, is to remove artificial ingredients and junk food. Artificial ingredients are highly toxic and very difficult for the liver to break down. They are associated with asthma, hyperactivity, aggression, irritability and sleep disturbances. Once you as a parent realise the deleterious nature of certain foods, you’ll naturally choose to eliminate them from your child’s diet.

Any child’s diet can change. It may take patience and time. It’s crucial that you as parents believe that your child can change and improve. By envisioning these changes, you project a positive image that is important for your child and the success of your overall efforts. We have never known a child that did not benefit from a dietary intervention plan, and I have never seen a child’s diet that did not expand and improve increasingly, as the body heals.