Home Programs

When a child starts on Inspire Special Needs home program, it is highly recommended that one-on-one intervention is given by way of tutoring in order to help improve the developmental delays these children often struggle with. A variety of motivational based methods are used with a high success rate. The tutor will be trained in our 3 day home program implementation with your child that will take place at our premises in Cape Town.

Each child receives a unique tutoring program designed specifically for the needs of the particular child. Inspire Special Needs Tutor Centre is responsible for designing, managing, monitoring and upgrading each child’s individual program according to their achievements and developmental needs.

Having one-on-one sessions in your home enables Inspire to empower the family in a number of ways such as addressing any behavioural problems at home, generalising information by using the available apparatus in and around your home and having the parents included in the sessions where possible.

Parents are advised to take a pro-active approach in their child’s education. This is done by sitting in during tutor sessions, following advice on how to implement and follow through with the motivational based educational principles of Inspire Special Needs Tutor Centre.